Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research

The Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research is the first scholarly journal created by blind people designed to address the real problems of blindness.

Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research logo.An open-access, online-only publication, JBIR is interdisciplinary and international in scope. Its primary research, reports, scholarly reviews, and opinion pieces are meant to broaden and deepen our understanding of best practices for increasing the independence, self-respect, self-determination, and potential of the blind.

JBIR is not a medical journal and does not intend to publish information related to the medical aspects of blindness. Relevant topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Education and rehabilitation of the blind
  • Innovations related to Braille and the use of Braille
  • Techniques and tools for independent movement and travel by the blind
  • Development of innovative technological approaches
  • Findings that can affect advocacy-related efforts
  • Analysis of data sets providing descriptive information about the blind
  • Innovative practices in preparing professionals and paraprofessionals to work with the blind

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JBIR Article Submission Process

JBIR strives to be a welcoming and rich environment for authors to publish their content. Those interested in submitting an article should review the JBIR Author Guidelines and Editorial Policies prior to making a submission.

We are currently reexamining our submission and publication process and, thus, have closed submissions for the time being. Thank you for your patience.

JBIR Peer Reviewer Registration Form

The editorial staff at JBIR are seeking individuals with expertise in all fields related to blindness, except for the medical, to serve as peer reviewers. If you would like to serve as a JBIR peer reviewer, please complete and submit our Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research (JBIR) Peer Reviewer Registration Form.

Editorial Team

Associate Editors

  • Edward C. Bell, PhD, Director, Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness, Louisiana Tech University, United States
  • Nazanin M. Heydarian, PhD, Assistant Professor,  University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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JBIR is available online and through our NFB-NEWSLINE® program. Read back issues online by visiting the JBIR archive

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