Pinna: On-Demand Audio Streaming

The National Federation of the Blind is proud to partner with Pinna, an on-demand audio streaming service providing hundreds of hours of content to children across the country.

Access Now

Parents of children ages three to twelve: Take advantage of Pinna, an on-demand audio streaming service. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, Pinna has hundreds of hours of audio programming including podcasts, audiobooks, and music. Pinna is currently providing sixty days free with the promo code NFBGET60.

To take advantage of the sixty-day free listening promotion, create a new account via the website at

Note: The sixty-day free listening promotion is only available by signing up for Pinna on and entering in NFBGET60 in step two of account creation. It is limited to new subscribers and valid on a monthly subscription only.

Opal Watson

Opal Watson Private Eye, a Pinna original podcast, is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Opal is curious, brave, and persistent. And, she happens to be losing her vision. At age eleven, she already has her own thriving mystery-solving business helping neighbors find anything from lost pets to missing packages.

Pinna collaborates with a diverse team of creators, writers, musicians, actors, and advisors, working to make sure all kids have the opportunity to feel represented. To play the lead role of Opal Watson, Pinna found newcomer Maya Graves, who herself is blind and brings a real understanding of Opal to the role.

Using the promo code NFBGET60, access Opal Watson Private Eye and more at