Members and chairpersons of committees of the National Federation of the Blind are appointed annually by the current national President. 

Ambassadors Committee

Chairperson: Dan Burke
Phone: 406-546-8546
Email: [email protected]

Autonomous Vehicles and Innovations in Transportation

Chairperson: Sachin Pavithran
Phone: 435-512-6877
Email: [email protected]

Blind Educator of the Year Award Committee

Chairperson: Robin House
Email: [email protected]

Code of Conduct Feedback Committee

Chairperson: Ronza Othman
Phone: 708-829-0523
Email: [email protected]

Committee for the Advancement and Promotion of Braille

Chairperson: Jennifer Dunnam
Phone: 612-203-2738
Email: [email protected]

Committee on Automobile and Pedestrian Safety (CAPS)

Chairperson: Maurice Peret
Home: 804-928-4015
Email: [email protected]

Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Co-chairperson: Shawn Callaway
Phone: 202-352-1511
Co-chairperson: Colin Wong
Email: [email protected] 

Communications Committee

Chairperson: Liz Wisecarver
Home: 501-984-0211
Email: [email protected]  
Mailing List:

Distinguished Educator of Blind Students Award Committee

Chairperson: Carla McQuillan
Home: 541-726-6924
Email: [email protected]
Nomination Form (fillable PDF)--Email is strongly encouraged for transmitting nominations; letters of support and other relevant materials should be included as attachments. Applications sent by mail and postmarked by the deadline will also be accepted. Send all material by May 1, 2018, to Carla McQuillan, Chairperson, Teacher Award Committee, [email protected] or by mail to 5005 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97478.

Employment Committee

Chairperson: Dick Davis
Work: 612-872-0100
Email: [email protected]
Mailing List:

Evaluation of Technology Committee

Chairperson: Mark Jones
Home: 601-883-0848
Email: [email protected]
Mailing List:

Jacobus tenBroek Award Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Marc Maurer
Home: 410-659-9314
Email: [email protected]

Jacobus tenBroek Memorial Fund Committee

Chairperson: Kathryn Webster
Home: 203-273-8463
Email: [email protected]

Kenneth Jernigan Fund Committee

Chairperson: Tracy Soforenko
Home: 504-287-5446
Email: [email protected]

Membership Committee

Co-chairperson: Kathryn Webster
Phone: 203-273-8463
Email: [email protected]

Co-chairperson: Tarik Williams
Phone: 570-807-9932
Email: [email protected]

PAC Plan Committee

Chairperson: Scott LaBarre
Work: 303-504-5979
Email: [email protected]

Research and Development Committee

Chairperson: Brian Buhrow
Cell: 831-423-6743
Email: [email protected]

Resolutions Committee

Chairperson: Sharon Maneki
Home: 410-715-9596
Email: [email protected]

Scholarship Committee

Chairperson: Cayte Mendez
Phone: 410-659-9314, extension 2415
Email: [email protected]

Shares Unlimited in NFB (SUN) Committee

Chairperson: Sandy Halverson
Home: 703-379-1141
Email: [email protected]

Spanish Translation Committee

Chairperson: Daniel Martinez
Home: 956-545-6402
Email: [email protected]

White Cane and Affiliate Finance Committee

Chairperson: Everette Bacon
Home: 801-631-8108
Email: [email protected]