National Federation of the Blind
2015 Scholarship Program

Here are the thirty finalists for the National Federation of the Blind’s 2015 Scholarship Program listed below in alphabetical order with their home states and vocational goals.

  • Katie Adkins, KY: Teacher
  • Douglas Alt, MI: College professor
  • Karen Arcos, CA: Policy advocacy
  • Annika Ariel, CA: Disability law
  • Liliya Asadullina, PA: Naturopathic doctor
  • Michael Ausbun, NV: Foundational professor
  • Brianna Brown, TX: Education
  • Mary Church, CA: Psychology
  • Chase Crispin, NE: Public school band director
  • MarChé Daughtry, VA: Law
  • Bryan Duarte, AZ: Software engineer
  • Alexandra Engraf, ND: Human services, counseling
  • Lashawna Fant, MS: Counselor
  • Robert Gulledge, AL: Secondary education
  • Dezman Jackson, MD: Health education
  • Mary Abby Jusayan, RI: Teacher for visually impaired
  • Kaitlyn Kellermeyer, TX: Government service or investing
  • Miriam Lozneanu, SC: Programmer
  • Nefertiti Matos, NY: Helping/teaching profession
  • Sarah Meyer, IN: Mental health counseling
  • Mark Myers II, MO: Computer and software design/development
  • Crystal Plemmons, NC: Community college instructor
  • Jason Polansky, MD: Youth ministry, counseling, or civil engineering
  • Karolline Sales, LA: Braille teacher
  • Kaitlin Shelton, OH: Music therapy
  • Christopher Stewart, KY: Legal field
  • Teri Stroschein, OR: School counselor
  • Kelsi Watters, WI: Spiritual counseling
  • Hannah Werbel, WA: Biomedical engineering
  • Tamika Williams, AL: Blind services/entrepreneurship/social services

To recognize achievement by blind scholars, the National Federation of the Blind annually offers blind college students in the United States and Puerto Rico the opportunity to win one of thirty merit-based, national-level scholarships worth from $3,000 to $12,000. All scholarships awarded are based on academic excellence, community service, and leadership.


All applicants for these scholarships:

  1. must be legally blind (PDF document) in both eyes, and
  2. must be residing in the United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, and
  3. must be pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time, postsecondary course of study in a degree program at a United States institution in the 2015 scholastic year, except that one scholarship may be given to a person employed full-time while attending school part-time, and
  4. must participate in the entire NFB national convention and in all of its scheduled scholarship program activities.

    In addition to a scholarship, each winner will receive assistance to attend the 2015 National Federation of the Blind Annual Convention which takes place in July in Orlando, Florida, providing an excellent opportunity for high-level networking with active blind persons in many different professions and occupations.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 31, 2015. See Scholarship FAQ for details.

Please Note: Some PDF files will not upload to the online Application form. If this occurs, please attach the PDF file to an email and send it to


What kind of student wins an NFB scholarship?  You may read about past NFB National Scholarship recipients in August-September "convention issues" of the Braille Monitor.

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Also, for financial aid resources for individuals with disabilities, go to This Financial Aid Guide for Students with Disabilities offers tips and insights for disabled college students, including legal rights, how to transition to campus life, and online resources and apps to help with specific disabilities.

Please direct any additional questions to the chairperson.  Email is preferred.

Chairperson Patti Chang, Esq.
Office: (410) 659-9314, extension 2415

NFB Scholarship Program
200 East Wells Street
   at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21230