Dream Makers Circle

The Dream Makers Circle honors friends of the National Federation of the Blind who are helping us build a successful future and transforming dreams into reality through their commitment of a legacy gift.

Benefits of membership in the Dream Makers Circle include:

  • Special recognition in NFB publications
  • A specially designed and personalized thank you gift
  • A subscription to all NFB publications

Current Dream Makers

Roland and Pam Allen
Dana Ard
Denise Avant
Everette Bacon
Cody Beardslee
John Berggren
Tom and Virginia Bickford
Deborah Brown
Ron and Jean Brown
Shane and Amy Buresh
Bridgid M. Burke
Shawn and Latonya Callaway
Marci Carpenter
Patti and Francisco Chang
Michelle S. Clark
Buna Dahal and Tommy Powell
Christopher S. Danielsen
Parnell and Kim Diggs 
Rick Fox
John and Heather Fritz
Paul and Mary Ellen Gabias
Ron and Jan Gardner
James and Susan Gashel
Louise Geretti
Mara Gold
Mike Gorse
Marilyn Green
Dennis Groshel
Gayle Gruber-Bengtson
Ever Lee Hairston
John and Sandy Halverson
Steve Hastalis
Raymond and Lynn Heitz
Mike and Karen Hingson
Cathy Jackson
Carl and Mindy Jacobsen
Valentino Jaurigue and Karen liwinski  
Mary Ellen Jernigan
Susan Jones
Grace Kadoya in honor of George and Asako Kadoya
Kathryn Keim and Virgil Stinnett
Bob and Lynn Kresmer
Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum and Harold Weisbaum
Scott and Anahit LaBarre
Anne-Marie Laney
Anil Lewis
Bradley D. and Barbara E. Loos
Gary and Denise Mackenstadt
Brian and Linda Mackey
Al and Sharon Maneki
Tiffany Manosh
Marc and Patricia Maurer
Diane McGeorge
Carla and Lucas McQuillan
Linda Melendez
David and Teresa A. Meyer
John A. Mitchell
Frances Mullane
John C. Mullin
Jack and Pat Munson
Nancy L. Oltman
Jim and Sharon Omvig
Ronza M. Othman 
John G. Paré, Jr.
Linda Pennell
Barbara and Robert Pierce
Avraham Rabby
Cathy Randall
Jean Rauschenbach 
Eileen Rivera-Ley
Mark Anthony and Melissa Ann Riccobono
Mildred Rivera
David and Mary Ann Robinson
Joe and Judy Ruffalo 
Marvin and Mimi Sandler
Connie J. Scheu
Barbara Shaidnagle
Tracy and Sharon Soforenko
Mary and Craig Sonksen
Susie Stanzel 
Dick and Debbie Stein
Robert and Joy Stigile
Ryan and Randy Strunk
Ruth Szantay
John Tebockhorst
Thomas Tebockhorst
David A. Ticchi
Ramona Walhof
Kathryn C. Webster
Doris & D. Curtis Willoughby
Kevan and Bridget Worley
Sheila B. Wright
Gary and Debbie Wunder
Ben Zeigler
Deborah Zwickey

If you'd like to learn more about how you can join our Dream Makers Circle, please visit our planned giving page.

(Updated October 2023)