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Making the Holidays Multi-Sensory

From snowflakes on the tip of your nose to delicious hot chocolate on your tongue, there is more to the holidays than sparkling lights and window displays. Whether or not you admit it aloud, ripping wrapping paper and preparing elaborate holiday feasts with family are incredibly satisfying. And none of these require vision.

Online Voting for the Blind: Security Should Not Supersede Access

The ability to vote using a secret ballot that can be marked privately and independently has long been a fundamental cornerstone of America’s democratic system. For centuries, blind voters were forced to rely on the help of election judges, trusted friends or relatives, or other human readers to mark their ballots. This deprived them of the right to a truly secret ballot.

The Wall-to-Wall Thanksgiving

By Barbara Pierce

November Perspective From The President: Milestones, Authenticity, Giving thanks, And More

By Mark A. Riccobono Greetings, fellow Federationists,

Mi Viaje de Luz y Sabiduría

Treinta Años en la National Federation of the Blind de Puerto Rico y 23 Años Educando con Pasión Por Prof. Tomás Cintrón Rivera (in English)

My Journey of Light and Wisdom:

Thirty Years in the National Federation of the Blind of Puerto Rico and 23 Years Educating with Passion By Prof. Tomás Cintron Rivera (en español)

October Perspective from the President

By Mark Riccobono