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Dream Big: Blind People Can Be Scientists Too

By Cricket Bidleman What does it mean to dream big?

How a Blind Doctor’s Legacy Helps Today’s Innovators

The National Federation of the Blind gives the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards each year (in collaboration with the Santa Barbara Foundation) to people and organizations who do great work related to the blindness community and our advocacy efforts.

Coming Full Circle: Investing in Myself and Our Community with Mentors, Training, and Scholarships

By Syed Mahmud Rizvi I was born blind—I have Stargardt Disease—but I did not recognize that I was blind until I was nineteen. This was when I was first exposed to Federation philosophy, which helped me learn nonvisual techniques and taught me how to not be ashamed of my vision loss.

Perspective from the President: Training Centers, Washington Seminar, and More

By Mark Riccobono Greetings, Fellow Federationists, January 4 was World Braille Day, which commemorates the birth of Louis Braille in 1809. This was a special World Braille Day because he invented his code when he was fifteen. The 215th anniversary of his birth is a special year for promoting and celebrating Braille.

Washington Seminar: Advocacy in Action

By John Pare I attended my first Washington Seminar twenty years ago as part of the National Federation of the Blind of Florida delegation. It was the first time I had stepped foot in one of the House of Representatives or Senate office buildings, and it was the first time I ever had a one-on-one conversation with a member of Congress.

Reflecting on the Power of Collective Action

As the new year approaches, I reflect on the progress that the National Federation of the Blind has made and look forward to our future advancements.

Lyriq Assistive Reader: Revolutionizing Reading for Blind People

In a world overflowing with technology, few innovations genuinely stand out for their potential to change the way blind and low-vision users live independently. The Lyriq Assistive Reader is one such device, which will transform the way individuals with visual impairments access and enjoy physical text.