Groups are officially coordinated efforts to bring members of the National Federation of the Blind together around a shared interest. Groups contribute to the knowledge sharing within the movement and are intended to serve as a source of expertise and support to others within the organization. Groups are authorized by the President of the Federation and include a chairperson appointed by the President. The chairperson serves as a coordinator and is responsible for sharing the work of the group with the leadership of the organization. Groups are reviewed annually by the board to ensure that they continue to help strengthen the movement.

Blind Fraternal Greek and Masonic Group

Chairperson: Shawn Callaway
Phone: 202-352-1511
Email : [email protected]
Purpose: To bring together blind individuals who participate or seek to participate, actively in fraternal and sororal organizations to serve as a resource network for making these organizations more inclusive, to leverage opportunities to bring these organizations together with the mission of the Federation, to assist blind people in applying for these organizations, and to strengthen the community of blind individuals from fraternal and sororal organizations in building the Federation.

Blind Muslim Group

Chairperson: Tasnim Alshuli
Phone: Not Listed
Email: [email protected]
Purpose: To provide advocacy and education related to challenges and opportunities unique to blind Muslims, to change negative perceptions about Islam in the blindness space related to service animals and other areas, to increase access to information in accessible formats for blind Muslims (e.g., Braille Qur’ans and texts), and to serve as mentors and supports for one another.

Blind Parents Group

Chairperson: Lisamaria Martinez
Phone: 510-289-2577
Email: [email protected] 
Mailing List:
Purpose: To connect blind parents or prospective parents to each other to facilitate sharing resources, advocacy, and mentorship about parenting as a blind person. This group connects blind parents and guardians from all backgrounds and helps to raise the expectations in society for the capacity of blind caregivers.

Blind Professional Journalists Group

Chairperson: Elizabeth Campbell
Phone: 817-247-6862
Emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
Twitter: @fwstliz
Purpose: To connect blind people interested or employed in twenty-first-century journalism including all traditional and emerging media and to serve as a resource for advancing accessibility in the field of journalism and communications.

NFB in Judaism Group

Chairperson: David Stayer
Phone: 516-868-8718
Email: [email protected]
Mailing List:
Purpose: To connect blind people who share in the Jewish faith traditions and to share resources and promote the inclusion of blind people in all aspects of faith practice throughout local communities..


Chairperson: Sanho Steele-Louchart
Phone: 918-800-9997
Email: [email protected]
Purpose: To increase NFB membership and involvement among the blind LGBTQIA+ community and to provide resources applicable to this group. We provide mentorship and support to blind LGBTQIA+ people and educate the general public regarding myths and misconceptions about blindness, including the general LGBTQIA+ community which frequently discriminates against or holds misperceptions about blind LGBTQIA+ people.

NFB Lions Group

Chairperson: Milton Ota
Phone: 701-731-0511
Email: [email protected]
Purpose: To facilitate connections between Federation members who are interested in being or are part of the Lions Clubs International, to share information about ways to leverage relationships to share the Federation philosophy within the Lions organization, and to create programming that raises expectations.

NFB Webmasters Group 

Chairperson: Gary Wunder
Phone: 573-874-1774
Email: [email protected]
Mailing List:
Purpose: To bring together Federation affiliate and division webmasters to discuss how one makes and maintains an accessible and visually attractive website, to advance the Federation's digital presence, and to develop future features for NFB web assets that can advance the movement.