Beauty by Brittany, A Blind Mary Kay Consultant

Cosmetics lay spread out on a flat surface. Lipstick, eye shadows and blush, brushes, pencils, and rose buds against pink color background.

Beauty by Brittany, A Blind Mary Kay Consultant

by Brittany Savage

A portrait of Brittany with her hair in an updo and her makeup flawlessly done. She wears a formal light green v-neck dress.My Mary Kay journey started at the 6 Dot Dash held at the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2019. My director had a booth at our expo and was signing people up for complementary pampering sessions. Unknown to me, my roommate signed us up for a pampering party. On August 6, we held a pampering party for eleven people at our house. Patty Hernandez, my recruiter came to our house and we had an absolute blast. We hung out, did facials, had fun and lots of laughs. By the end of the evening I felt the spark. Three days later I had a meeting at our local coffee shop with Patty and her director, Jessica. We spent hours chatting about the business and getting to know each other. By the end of that meeting I knew I was meant to be a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant and signed my agreement then and there. I would not change it for the world.

Through my journey as a Mary Kay consultant, I have learned more about myself as a person. Having your own business and the feelings that come along with that are not much different than the feelings you have when coming to terms with being a person who is blind. At first, you are scared and nervous. You are worried about what other people may say or how they perceive you. You have to figure out how to do everything. Luckily, I attended the Independence Training Program at the Colorado Center for the Blind and was able to use a lot of the skills I learned there and implement them into my business life. For example, I use Braille to label all of my products. I’ll use my phone for 99 percent of my work. At first, my speech on my phone was only at 30 percent and I did not know how to check email. Now, my speech is at 100 percent and I fly through things on my phone. In my business, I travel all over the city to do parties, one-on-one skin care and color appointments as well as deliver product. My training made me feel comfortable and confident in taking our public transportation such as the bus and the light rail to work my business. When I have a booth at a vendor event and I’m taking people’s names down as well as their contact information I just use my slate and stylus.

My plan is to be a director in Mary Kay by Halloween of this year. This means that I have thirty active team members in my unit. When you are a director some of your responsibilities are to train and mentor other people and help them grow their business and show them their potential. That is truly a passion of mine and I love that I can do that in my Mary Kay life as well as my NFB life. This is such a fun journey and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any help on learning how to do your makeup as a blind person. I do one-on-one consulting.

Cell phone: 804-832-5439
Email: [email protected]