Introducing KNFB Reader Version 3 for iOS

Joel uses the KNFB Reader app in a coffee shop to read the menu.

Introducing KNFB Reader Version 3 for iOS

KNFB Reader, the mobile app which has provided immediate access to printed information to the blind since 2014, has gotten an upgrade! Tinkering with the features or the user-interface of an app should never be undertaken lightly. We all know of formerly easy-to-use services which suddenly become inaccessible or require learning a new process just to get an everyday chore checked off your task list. We believe these enhancements will make KNFB Reader easier to use while adding more functionality.

The basic operation remains largely the same, but we have added more power and functions. Nearly all the improvements are those most frequently requested via KNFB Reader Support. There is something for everyone, regardless of your print-disability or experience with this technology. Here are a few examples:

  • Many functions are easier to use. For example, Multi-Page mode, formerly known as Batch Mode, now announces itself much more prominently and keeps track of the number of pages captured. Undoing mistakes is just a tap away. Resolving camera permissions and expanding error messages makes KNFB Reader friendlier.  
  • It makes the Cloud easy to access. Those dealing with large numbers of documents kept in multiple places will enjoy improved Cloud access, letting you read documents like inaccessible PDFs and ePubs stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • The improved power of mobile devices has let us remove the fifty-page limit on multi-page documents. You can capture entire chapters of a book and store it as a PDF document which can be bookmarked and easily saved for reading on other devices.
  • New features benefit visual readers with dyslexia or other reading challenges. It highlights text by paragraph, sentence, or word as it reads out loud for following along. When capturing documents as PDFs, it is now possible to view the original image as your document is being read aloud. An even more immersive reading experience can be had with full-screen mode and by placing your device in landscape orientation.
  • There are many new options to customize settings to personalize your reading experience.

Not just cosmetic, the re-design of KNFB Reader started from the inside out. Once a Gordian knot, KNFB Reader 3.0 for iOS is built to incorporate future functionality and adapt to change as our increasingly connected mobile world will inevitably do.

This iOS-only update is free to all existing customers. Learn more at Stay up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter @KNFBReader. Check out our video to learn more.