The Olympus DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder – Function Key Setting

The Olympus DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder – Function Key Setting

When holding your DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder, with the scroll pad and LCD screen facing towards you, there are three small rectangular buttons in the top and first row of buttons that you will feel on the face. 
These buttons are your Function Keys.

Typically the far right function key, or F3 key, will bring you back to the “HOME” screen or the previous menu.  The HOME screen is the first screen that appears when you turn on your DM-4 and a starting point for all of its functions and features.

While playing back a recording, whether it is a book, mp3 or self-recorded memo, though, these Function Keys can be customized to perform functions determined by you.  The far right button will always be the “Menu,” which will return you to the previously used menu.  If this menu is not the “HOME” menu, you may scroll down and HOME will be one of the options.  To select, press the large button in the center of the scroll pad.  This center button will always serve as your Play/OK button.

The other two keys, named F1 and F2 can be set to your liking.  The options for these keys are Off, Repeat, Random, Play speed, INDEX, A-B, Erase, Display or List.

You may choose one of these options for both F1 and F2 depending on which functions you want to be most conveniently accessed while using the DM-4’s playback.

The LIST option will return you to the folder or category in which the playback file is saved, displaying on the screen all the other files in that folder.

The INDEX option allows you to mark important or key points in any of your files as you listen.
The A-B Repeat option allows you to repeat small segments of a file.  While the file is being played, press the function key once to mark the beginning of the segment to be repeated.  Press it a second time to mark the end of the repeated sequence.  This tagged sequence will continuously repeat itself until you press the button a third time, which will cancel the repeating and remove the tags.

To set your function keys:

To set your Function Keys, turn on your DM-4.  If it is already on, return to the HOME menu.  Playback must be turned off to set this function.  To stop any playback, press the Stop key which is the larger rectangular key directly below the F1 key.  The stop key is to the left of the Record key, which is indicated by a long horizontal indentation. 

On the HOME menu, scroll down to the last option which is your Preferences.
Press the Play/OK button to select.
Your first option under Preferences will be Record Menu.  Scroll down to the last option which is the System Menu.
Press the Play/OK button to select.
Your first option within this menu will be “Function Key Setting.”  This is the option you want. 
Press the Play/OK button or scroll right to select.
The next menu will give you two options, F1 and F2.
Press the Play/OK button to select F1. 
The first menu option is “Off”.  If “Off” is selected, when the DM-4 is playing a file, the F1 key will be non-functional.  Scroll through the options to select which function you want the F1 key to be set to.  Press the Play/OK button to select the function you choose. 
After you have selected the function, the DM-4 will repeat back to you the function you have chosen and return you to the menu with F1 and F2. 
Scroll down and repeat the steps you used to set F1 in order to set F2. 
After both F1 and F2 have been set, press the third function key (the farthest right key of your function keys) to return to the HOME menu.  From this menu you can access any of your music, podcasts, recordings, and audiobooks to play and test the Function Keys which you have just programmed.