Step by step guide to creating an EasyReader Express book

Step by step guide to creating an EasyReader Express book

It is easier than you think to add EasyReader Express to your talking book content. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create or source your DAISY talking book content:

EasyReader Express can be added to any DAISY 2 or DAISY 3 talking book which includes audio. You can create your own DAISY talking books quickly and easily using Dolphin’s EasyConverter, EasyProducer, and Dolphin Publisher software.  

Step 2: Add EasyReader Express:

Purchase a subscription and log into the "Add EasyReader Express" website at:

Once you are logged in to the Add EasyReader Express website, you can simply upload one small file (the .ncc file for DAISY 2 or the .opf file for DAISY 3) from your DAISY book content (view a screenshot from the Add EasyReader Express website). A unique lock file is instantly generated and associates EasyReader Express to your unique DAISY book content. Simply add these extra files to your DAISY book files and your EasyReader Express talking book is ready!

Step 3: Distribute your EasyReader Express talking book:

Send your EasyReader Express DAISY books on CD or on USB pen drive, or upload them to your website for your readers to download and play.

For more information on the EasyReader Express, please visit