Jobs for Chapter Members

Below is a list of jobs that can support your efforts to create a healthy, active and growing chapter. Remember, if people have something to do, they are more likely to attend chapter meetings, to spread the message about the Federation, and to feel a part of the action... so get people working!

1. Refreshments coordinator
2. Music coordinator
3. New Member coordinator
4. Greeter
5. Room Setup coordinator
6. Child Care coordinator
7. Recycling coordinator
8. Door Prize coordinator
9. Community Outreach Coordinator
10. Public Relations coordinator
11. Scholarship coordinator
12. Correspondence coordinator
13. Chapter Cheers coordinator
14. Meet the Blind Month coordinator
15. Transportation coordinator
16. Legislation Coordinator
17. Fund Raising coordinator
18. Chapter Web site coordinator
19. Facebook and Twitter coordinator
20. NFB Literature coordinator
21. Youth Activities Coordinator
22. Senior Outreach Coordinator
23. Technology coordinator
24. Volunteer coordinator
25. E-mail Meeting Reminder Coordinator
26. Membership Contact List coordinator
27. Chapter Presentations coordinator
28. Newsline coordinator
29. Chapter Member Birthday coordinator
30. PAC Plan coordinator
31. Imagination Fund and March for Independence coordinator
32. Chapter Auction coordinator
33. Recruitment coordinator
34. Phone Inquiry coordinator
35. Mentoring coordinator
36. Mass Mailing coordinator
37. Local Grants coordinator
38. Volunteer Braille Instructor
39. Thank You Card coordinator
40. Print/Braille Agenda coordinator