Live Audio Description of the 135th Rose Parade on ABC Television

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Live Audio Description of the 135th Rose Parade on ABC Television

Tune in on New Year's Day!

The National Federation of the Blind is excited to sponsor the live audio descriptions of the 135th Rose Parade on ABC Television.

When:  Monday, January 1st, 2024, 8:00 AM PST - 10:00 AM PST/ 11:00 AM EST - 1:00 PM EST
What: The Pasadena Tournament of Roses
Where: ABC Television, SAP/alternate audio channel
How: Tune your TV or cable box or satellite receiver to ABC Television network. Use the audio menu to select SAP/ alternate audio (sometimes labeled Spanish or visually impaired or Audio Description).
Online: Live Description of the Rose Parade can also be heard on the Audio Eyes YouTube channel at: 
Audio Description by: Audio Eyes
The 135th Tournament of Roses Parade theme is: Celebrating the World of Music: The Universal Language

The 135th Rose Parade Event is Sponsored by Honda

As the leading advocate for accessibility and the full inclusion of the blind in all aspects of society including participation in our culture, the National Federation of the Blind supports audio description as a tool that significantly enhances entertainment, artistic, and informational content for blind people.

About the Rose Parade and Audio Descriptions

The Rose Parade is a uniquely valuable American cultural event that unites society at the beginning of each year with positive messages for humanity through art, science, and music, in the form of floats, bands, equine companies, and other parade entries.

Audio Description is the practice of translating visual images into verbal descriptions to enable blind persons to experience comparable detailed information to what sighted people see. Audio Description was developed by blind people for blind people and continues to be greatly influenced by blind Producers, Advocates, and consumers.

The first televised event to offer live audio description for blind viewers was the Rose Parade more than 25 years ago. The Rose Parade was first described by the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service under the direction of Jolie Mason who is also blind.

Audio Description was first developed and implemented by a blind couple in Washington D.C., Margaret Pfanstiehl and Cody Pfanstiehl. Pre-recorded Audio Description was first showed on broadcast television in 1989 by Jim Stovall, a blind entrepreneur who received an Emmy Award for the achievement.

The first blind Audio Engineer to record and produce audio description tracks for broadcast and the first blind Voice Over Artist to perform on broadcast television was Rick Boggs who continues to train and employ blind professionals at Audio Eyes.

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