Braillewriter Repair Resource List


Foundation for Blind Children, Media Center
1235 E. Harmont Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 602-678-5816


State of California Department of Corrections
Brailler Repair Volunteers of Vacaville

P. O. Box 670
Vacaville, CA 95696
Call Officer Sherry Dovichi at: 707-448-6841, ext. 2044
Enclose correspondence with the Perkins Brailler that includes the following information:
Mailing address/telephone billing address, include name and number of accounting contact person and/or person who can be contacted to authorize the costs associated with the repairs, requisition number/purchase order number, type of service requested, name and contact information for individual that will be using the equipment or is familiar with the equipment. There is a $39.99 fee associated with the initial inspection and general maintenance of the equipment. Then, the customer is responsible for the actual cost plus 10 percent parts.


Alan Ackley
Ackley Appliance Service

4301 Park Avenue #540
Des Moines, IA 50321
Phone: 515-288-3931
Web site: 
Provides complete repair, updating, and general reconditioning for any Perkins brailler.


The Selective Doctor, Inc.
P. O. Box 571
Manchester, MD 21102
Phone: 410-668-1143
"Bring your Brailler back to Life." The Selective Doctor, Inc., was established in 1992, two months after I retired from IBM Corporation. Since then we have repaired over 7000 Perkins Braillers in 39 states and am presently repairing Braillers for 7 state blind schools. The cost to repair a manual Perkins Brailler is $60.00 for labor (flat rate), plus parts.  Due to the technical complexity, the cost to repair an electric Perkins Brailler is $70.00 for labor (flat rate), plus parts.  Repair rates are effective as of March 23, 2015.


All Star Brailler Repair
1705 Victoria Road
St. Paul, MN 55118
Phone:  651-343-2505
We pride ourselves on prompt, personal service and attention to detail.  State agencies, private foundations, schools and individuals all receive the same professional courtesy and service.  The labor charge is $55.00.  Return shipping is via USPS Priority Free Matter insured mail.  The warranty is one year.


Prose and Cons Braille
P. O. Box 2500
Lincoln, NE 68542
Phone: 402-471-3161, extension 3373
Fax: 402-417-3472
The cost to clean and oil a Brailler is $29.30. Braillers can be mailed Free Matter; please contact for further repair information and requirements. Insurance can be added for an additional cost.

New York

Maxi Aids, Inc.
42 Executive Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Toll Free: 800-522-6294
Fax: 516-752-0689
Rpairs Perkins Baillers only

North Carolina

Garcia Brailler Repair
6414 Heatherbrook Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: 980-322-8960
Rates: $65 for any problem plus parts; 6 years experience.

Larry Herring's Braillewriter Repair Service of North Carolina
P.O. Box 187
Battleboro, NC 27809
Phone: 252-977-3716
Cell: 252-883-3051


The Braillery/The Brailler Workshop
5 Cumberland Circle
El Paso, TX 79903
Phone: 915-307-7733
Fax: 915-219-8695
We offer a flat rate price of $97.50 for the repair of a brailler, which includes parts, labor, one year warranty on the entire maching, and shipping via US FREE MATTER.  Repairs are on the Perkins classic brailler only.

Wayne Harris
Harris Enterprises

1112 Harrison Lane
Hurst, TX 76053
Phone: 817-268-6803
36 years experience repairing Braillewriters.


Sheldon Support Services, LLC
11624 SE 288th Street
Auburn, WA 98092
Chuck Sheldon, CLS OMA
Phone: 253-486-3540