Convention Notes

Note 1

All convention sessions will be conducted using the Zoom conferencing platform. Convention participants are strongly encouraged to download the Zoom mobile app for best audio quality. However, attendees may also use the web portal or dial in to meetings using a cell phone or a landline. Visit the convention information webpage at to find links to the mobile app and the web portal along with dial-in phone numbers. Helpful user guides and lists of shortcut keys can be found on the website, as well.

Note 2

The exhibit hall will be hosted this year using a platform called CrowdCompass. Mobile apps are available for both the iOS and Android platforms. A web portal is also available. As with Zoom, you can find links to the mobile app and web portal along with helpful information for visiting the virtual exhibit hall and interacting with your favorite vendors on the convention information webpage at

Note 3

Voting for national elections and resolutions will be conducted via SMS (text messaging) and phone. However, voting does require an additional step to verify the phone number you intend to use for voting. Current members who registered for convention will receive instructions via email. The deadline for phone number verification is July 12.

Note 4

As always, guide dog relief areas are an important component of convention. This year, they can be found in the same locations as were used yesterday.

Note 5

All requests for announcements by President Riccobono during General Sessions must be submitted by email to [email protected].

Note 6

Divisions, Committees, and Groups: The Federation carries on its business through the affiliated divisions, committees, and groups listed below:


Divisions of the National Federation of the Blind are organized around a specialized interest area usually related to employment or a major stage in life (e.g., parents or students). Divisions serve as a formal vehicle for building the organization at the national level.

  • Amateur Radio: Karen Anderson, President
  • Assistive Technology Trainers: Chancey Fleet, President
  • Communities of Faith: Tom Anderson, President
  • Computer Science: Brian Buhrow, President
  • Community Service: Jeanetta Price, President
  • DeafBlind: Alice Eaddy, President
  • Diabetes Action Network: Bernadette Jacobs, President
  • Human Services: Candice Chapman, President
  • Educators: Cayte Mendez, President
  • Guide Dog Users: Marion Gwizdala, President
  • Krafters: Tammy Freitag, President
  • Lawyers: Scott LaBarre, President
  • Merchants: Nicky Gacos, President
  • Parents of Blind Children: Carlton Anne Cook Walker, President
  • Performing Arts: Julie McGinnity, President
  • Professionals in Blindness Education: Eric Guillory, President
  • Public Employees: Gary Van Dorn, President
  • Rehabilitation Professionals: Amy Porterfield, President
  • Science and Engineering: John Miller, President
  • Seniors: Ruth Sager, President
  • Sports and Recreation: Jessica Beecham, President
  • Students: Kathryn Webster, President
  • Veterans: Vernon Humphrey, President
  • Writers: Shelley Alongi, President


Committees of the National Federation of the Blind are appointed by the President, with the exception of the nominating committee, and serve to advise the organization’s leadership on important matters and to carry out projects to build the organization at all levels.

  • Advancement and Promotion of Braille: Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
  • Ambassadors: Dan Burke, Chair
  • Automobile and Pedestrian Safety: Maurice Peret, Chair
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Innovations in Transportation: Sachin Pavithran, Chair
  • Blind Educator of the Year Award: Edward Bell, Chair
  • Blind Federal Employment: Ronza Othman, Chair
  • Code of Conduct: Pam Allen, Chair
  • Communications: Liz Wisecarver, Chair
  • Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award: Carla McQuillan, Chair
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Shawn Callaway and Rosy Carranza, Co-Chairs 
  • Employment: Dick Davis, Chair
  • Evaluating Technology: Mark Jones, Chair
  • Genetic Education: Ronit Ovadia Mazzoni, Chair
  • Jacobus tenBroek Award: Marc Maurer, Chair
  • Jacobus tenBroek Memorial Fund: Tracy Soforenko, Chair
  • Kenneth Jernigan Fund: Allen Harris, Chair
  • Library Services: David Hyde and Marci Carpenter, Co-Chairs
  • Membership: Jeannie Massay and Kathryn Webster, Co-Chairs
  • PAC Plan: Scott LaBarre, Chair
  • Research and Development: Brian Buhrow, Chair
  • Resolutions: Sharon Maneki, Chair
  • Scholarship: Cayte Mendez, Chair
  • Shares Unlimited in NFB (SUN): Sandy Halverson, Chair
  • Spanish Translation: Daniel Martinez, Chair
  • White Cane and Affiliate Finance: Everette Bacon, Chair


Groups of the National Federation of the Blind serve as a resource to members around specific topic areas. Groups are coordinated by a chairperson appointed by the President and are intended to connect members across the country to strengthen the resource network of the organization.

  • Blind Cancer Survivors Support: Isaiah Nelson, Chair
  • Blind Parents: Lisamaria Martinez, Chair
  • Blind Professional Journalists: Elizabeth Campbell and Bryan Bashin,      
  • Co-Chairs
  • Careers in Automotive Related Specialties: Marcus Simmons, Chair
  • Legislative Initiatives: Don Burns, Chair
  • Living History: Michael Freholm, Chair
  • NFB in Judaism: David Stayer, Chair
  • NFB LGBT Group: Tai Tomasi, Chair
  • NFB Lions: Ramona Walhof and Milton Ota, Co-Chairs
  • Orientation and Mobility: Edward Bell, Chair
  • Piano Technology: Don Mitchell, Chair
  • Travel and Tourism: Amy Baron, Chair
  • Webmasters: Gary Wunder, Chair

The National Federation of the Blind acknowledges with gratitude our convention sponsors listed below. Their messages follow.


  • Google
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Oracle
  • UPS
  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals
  • Vispero


  • Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP
  • Target
  • Waymo


  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • AT&T
  • Facebook
  • Lyft
  • Market Development Group, Inc.
  • Pearson
  • Sprint Accessibility


  • ACT Inc.
  • Aira
  • American Printing House
  • Charter Communications
  • Democracy Live
  • HumanWare
  • Learning Ally
  • Verizon Media
  • VitalSource Technologies
  • Wells Fargo

White Cane

  • Duxbury Systems, Inc.
  • En-Vision America
  • Envision, Inc.
  • LCI
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP
  • C&P - Chris Park Design
  • Five Cedars Group, Inc.
  • VotingWorks