Have a Crabby Day

By Sharon Maneki

If you choose, you could have three meals a day plus snacks using crabs without ever duplicating a dish.

For breakfast, have a crab omelet.

For lunch, have a Maryland burger, which is a hamburger topped with fresh jumbo lump crab meat, provolone, and crab imperial sauce.

There are lots of options for dinner. Start out with an appetizer such as a crab meat cocktail, which will be cold and refreshing. For the entrée, of course you could do crab cakes–you can even do them deep-fried, then called crab fluff! Another lesser-known but delicious possibility is crab meat Norfolk-style, in which you sauté the crab in a quarter-pound of butter per pound of crab meat.

If hors d’oeuvres or snacks are more your thing, try crab balls, crab dip, crab fries, crab pretzel, and one of Dr. Maurer’s specialties, crab rangoon, a cream cheese and crab meat stuffed wonton wrapper that has been deep-fried. If you don't have indigestion after all that and you’re up for dessert, try Old Bay ice cream. The base flavor could either be vanilla or caramel. Since Old Bay is used on crab, it qualifies!

Remember our challenge: eat something with crab in it at our banquet, and of course, have a crabby day!