National Convention Choir

The National Convention choir consists of Federationists from all over the country, representing many different backgrounds and interests. All members share a passion for music and a desire to continually prove that blindness cannot hold us back.

In 2021, with the help of Braille music, Zoom, recording software, and some fabulous audio editing, we were able to come together virtually, uniting our voices across great distances, to prove that the power of love, hope, and determination can break through any barriers.

The 2021 NFB Virtual Choir will sing three songs during this year's general sessions: “Ritmo,” “You'll Never Walk Alone,” and “Stronger Together.”

Special thanks to the following members who coordinated the choir:

Recording Engineer: Kyle Woodruff 
Director: Rachel Grider 

Katelyn McIntyre 
Tom Page 
Leslie Hamric 
Jeanette Kutash 
Tarren Van Ettinger 
Sharon Luka 
Kayleigh Joiner 
Ronza Othman 
Veronica Martinez 

Thank you to the Performing Arts Division for sponsoring the choir and helping financially with the music transcription.

Our Program


Accompaniment by: Kyle Woodruff 

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

Music by: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein II 
Arrangement by: Mac Huff 
Accompaniment by: Hal Leonard Choral 
Trumpet Solo by: Chela Robles 

"Stronger TogetherThis Is Me" 

Music by Rachel Grider 
Lyrics by Rachel Grider, Based On Washington Seminar Address by Mark Riccobono 
Accompaniment by Rachel Grider 
Cello by Leslie Hamric 
Trumpet by Chela Robles 


Alexandra Alfonso, DC 
Jamie Allison, SC 
Shelley Alongi, TX 
Veronica Alston, CT 
ReNae Anderson, CO 
Lynn Baillif, MD 
Patty Ann Behr, MD 
Sarah Blumberg, VA 
Jennifer Bose, MA 
Debra Braiman, HI 
Andrea Brandies, CO 
Debbie Brown, MD 
Elana Charles, WI 
Vanessa Coles, MD 
Alexandru Cozaciuc, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
Andrew Del Castillo, CA 
Taylor Durrett, TX 
Jasmine Eiland, WA 
Barbie Elliott, UT 
Mason Fessenden, CA 
Rachel Grider, CA 
Barbara Hadnott, MS 
Leslie Hamric, IL 
Rebecca Ireland, CT 
Jana Jackson, TN 
Kayleigh Joiner, TX 
Joanne Jordan, MA 
Jeanette Kutash, MA 
Sharon Luka, KS 
Evelyn Maldonado, CA 
Veronica Martinez, CA 
Kira McCall, IL 
Carolyn McGhee, MO 
Fallon Minichiello, FL 
Jeanine Mooers, NV 
Leslie Mora, ID 
Terri Nettles, MD 
Ronza Othman, MD  
Precious Perez, MA 
Samantha Perez  
Sharon Perry, MS 
Debbie Pittman, IL 
Maureen Pranghofer, MN 
Marty Rand, CO 
Christina Rebilas-Kruzik, PA 
David Rissling, AL 
Chela Robles, CA 
Krystal Sanford, TX 
Ryan Sima, OH 
Deborah Kent Stein, IL 
Tiffany Taylor, CA 
Sally Utt, OR 
Tarren Van Ettinger, IA 
Jennifer Wing-Proctor, MI 
Kyle Woodruff, UT 
Brandon Young, HI 
Shawna Zepeda, KS