Convention Notes

Note 1: All convention sessions will be conducted using the Zoom conferencing platform. Convention participants are strongly encouraged to download the Zoom mobile app for best audio quality. Those that already have the mobile app are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. However, attendees may also use the web portal or dial in to meetings using a cell phone or a landline. If dialing in to a session, you can dial 301-715-8592 and enter the meeting ID to connect. Additional Zoom dial-in numbers can be found at On this webpage you will also find helpful user guides and lists of shortcut keys.

Note 2: The convention agenda and exhibit hall can be accessed via the CrowdCompass platform beginning June 25. Mobile apps are available for both the iOS and Android platforms ( A web portal is also available ( In addition to providing convention access to the agenda, CrowdCompass allows users to join sessions with the click of a button, customize a personal agenda, explore the online exhibit hall, and chat with other CrowdCompass convention goers.

Note 3: Voting for national elections and resolutions will be conducted via SMS (text messaging) and phone. To be eligible to vote, attendees must be current Federation members and have registered for convention by May 31. The phone number for voting is 667-206-6677. You may choose to program this number into your phone. The number and voting instructions will be sent via email to qualified voters in addition to being posted to the convention information page.  

Note 4: As always, guide dog relief areas are an important component of convention. This year, they can be found in the same locations as were used yesterday.

Note 5: All requests for announcements by President Riccobono during General Sessions must be submitted by email to [email protected].

Note 6: Divisions, Committees, and Groups: The Federation carries on its business through the affiliated divisions, committees, and groups listed below:


Divisions of the National Federation of the Blind are organized around a specialized interest area usually related to employment or a major stage in life (e.g., parents or students). Divisions serve as a formal vehicle for building the organization at the national level.

Amateur Radio: Karen Anderson, President
Assistive Technology Trainers: Chancey Fleet, President
Communities of Faith: Tom Anderson, President
Computer Science: Brian Buhrow, President
Community Service: Jeanetta Price, President
DeafBlind: Alice Eaddy, President
Diabetes Action Network: Debbie Wunder, President
Human Services: Candice Chapman, President
Educators: Cayte Mendez, President
Guide Dog Users: Raul Gallegos, President
Krafters: Tammy Freitag, President
Lawyers: Scott LaBarre, President
Merchants: Nicky Gacos, President
Parents of Blind Children: Carlton Anne Cook Walker, President
Performing Arts: Katelyn MacIntyre, President
Professionals in Blindness Education: Eric Guillory, President
Public Employees: Gary Van Dorn, President
Rehabilitation Professionals: Amy Porterfield, President
Science and Engineering: John Miller, President
Seniors: Ruth Sager, President
Sports and Recreation: Jessica Beecham, President 
Students: Trisha Kulkarni, President
Veterans: Vernon Humphrey, President
Writers: Shelley Alongi, President


Committees of the National Federation of the Blind are appointed by the President, with the exception of the nominating committee, and serve to advise the organization’s leadership on important matters and to carry out projects to build the organization at all levels.

Advancement and Promotion of Braille: Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
Ambassadors: Dan Burke, Chair
Automobile and Pedestrian Safety: Maurice Peret, Chair
Autonomous Vehicles and Innovations in Transportation:
Blind Educator of the Year Award: Edward Bell, Chair
Blind Federal Employment: Ronza Othman, Chair
Communications: Liz Wisecarver, Chair
Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award: Carla McQuillan, Chair
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Shawn Callaway and Colin Wong, Co-Chairs
Employment: Dick Davis, Chair
Evaluation of Technology: Mark Jones, Chair
Jacobus tenBroek Award: Marc Maurer, Chair
Jacobus tenBroek Memorial Fund: Tracy Soforenko, Chair
Kenneth Jernigan Fund: Allen Harris, Chair
Membership: Kathryn Webster and Tarik Williams, Co-Chairs
PAC Plan: Scott LaBarre, Chair
Research and Development: Brian Buhrow, Chair
Resolutions: Sharon Maneki, Chair
Scholarship: Cayte Mendez, Chair
Shares Unlimited in NFB (SUN): Sandy Halverson, Chair
Spanish Translation: Daniel Martinez, Chair
White Cane and Affiliate Finance: Everette Bacon, Chair


Groups of the National Federation of the Blind serve as a resource to members around specific topic areas. Groups are coordinated by a chairperson appointed by the President and are intended to connect members across the country to strengthen the resource network of the organization.

Blind Fraternal Greek and Masonic: Shawn Callaway, Chair
Blind Muslims: Tasnim Ashuli, Chair
Blind Parents: Lisamaria Martinez, Chair
Blind Professional Journalists: Elizabeth Campbell, Chair
NFB in Judaism: David Stayer, Chair
NFB LGBTQIA+: Sanho Steele-Louchart, Chair
NFB Lions: Milton Ota, Chair
NFB Webmasters: Corbb O’Connor, Chair 


The National Federation of the Blind acknowledges with gratitude our convention sponsors listed below. Their messages follow.




Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP


Market Development Group
T-Mobile Accessibility


American Printing House for The Blind
Democracy Live
Educational Testing Service
Learning Ally’s College Success Program
Tusk Philanthropies
VitalSource Technologies
Wells Fargo

White Cane: 

Chris Park Design
D2L Corporation
Envision - Workforce Innovation Center
En-Vision America
IKE Smart City
Independence Science
Law School Admission Council, Inc.
Leader Dogs for the Blind
McGraw Hill
National Industries for the Blind
Personal AI
Rosen, Bien, Galvan & Grunfeld, LLP
The Chicago Lighthouse



Facebook is proud to sponsor the 2021 National Federation of the Blind National Convention.

Become an Accessibility Trusted Tester for new Google products. Start by signing up – if selected, you may have the opportunity to try new Google software and hardware before the general public. Your feedback will help our engineering teams better understand various accessibility needs to continually improve our products.

Empowerment. Microsoft is a proud sponsor of the 2021 National Federation of the Blind Convention. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This includes creating and delivering technology that is accessible and functional for everyone.

UPS is passionate about supporting causes that make our world a better place.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to raising awareness of Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder (Non-24) and supporting the blindness community. Non-24 is a rare circadian rhythm disorder affecting up to 70% of people who are totally blind. People living with Non-24 experience excessive daytime sleepiness and nighttime sleeplessness, which leads to impaired social and occupational functioning. This is due to the misalignment between the internal master body clock and the 24-hour day. Come visit us virtually to learn about non-24 and sign up for additional information. Call a health educator toll-free at 1-855-856-2424. 24 hours a day, every day. Visit us online at

Vispero | Enhanced Vision, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, TPGi Vispero is a proud sponsor of the National Federation of the Blind. Learn more about our innovative technology for blindness and low vision, and the passionate team behind it! Visit our virtual exhibit booth! Empowering Independence.


Brown Goldstein & Levy Stronger Together. We listen. We care. We win. Proud Supporters of the National Federation of the Blind. Baltimore, MD | Washington, DC | 410-962-1030 | BROWNGOLD.COM

Your perspective is priceless at Oracle. To tackle the world’s most important problems, our workforce must be reflective of the billions of people who use our technology. That’s why Oracle is a place where all kinds of people can succeed without barriers. Learn how we embrace diverse abilities at

Target’s purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. Whether in our store or shopping online, we believe every blind person has the right to an equal experience. Our team of accessibility experts work every day to make that happen. Learn more about our accessibility efforts: We welcome your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions. Email the Accessibility team: Here are two new ways you can access all Target has to offer: •	Explore same day services allowing you to customize how you shop all of our products in the manner best fitting your lifestyle. Learn more at  •	Aira service is available for free to assist you in all Target stores nationwide and while shopping online at Learn more: If you are interested in working at Target, visit us at the career fair to learn more about opportunities. Are you curious to hear more about Target's digital accessibility? Have questions about our apps, website, or stores? Join any of our seminars listed in the agenda and meet some of our experienced accessibility consultants as they share our team's efforts continuing to make Target an accessible shopping experience for all.

Together we’re paving the way to a better future.


Aira: Visual Interpreting on Your Terms Aira is proud to continue our partnership with the National Federation of the Blind by sponsoring our 5th straight national convention. Be sure to download the app and connect with a professional visual interpreter 24/7/365. Please visit to learn more about our money-saving NFB Power Plans.

Amazon Visit the NFB virtual convention exhibit hall to learn more about Fire TVs, Fire tablets, Kindle, and Echo Devices. Amazon supports accessible experiences for shopping, reading, and entertainment. Learn more at

AT&T Our people are powering what’s next. And now, you have the chance to be a part of it. From smartphones to AI—plus the latest in accessibility tech—we’re giving you the tools to transform tech like only you can. The whole time, you’ll be backed by a team that wants to see you succeed. Show the world what’s possible in a career without limits. Learn more at

Market Development Group Congratulations to the National Federation of the Blind for connecting blind Americans through this unique convention. Market Development Group, Inc. A full-service marketing company. John Alahouzos, Executive Vice President. Washington, DC | 202-298-8030 |

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, is proud to be a sponsor of the National Federation of the Blind’s 2021 National Convention. Pearson is committed to making education accessible for all. To participate in a tactile graphics study, please complete the Tactile Graphics Research Form at


American Printing House for The Blind Braille is special, but it shouldn’t be rare. APH’s vision to create an accessible world with opportunity for everyone guides us in our efforts to innovate technology solutions that enable people with vision loss to conquer their challenges and pursue their dreams. The Mantis™ Q40 and Chameleon™ 20 are the newest additions to our refreshable braille line-up. Learn more here:

Democracy Live How is OmniBallot Accessible? OmniBallot is a fully ADA Section 508, WCAG 2.1 compliant remote ballot marking solution. The system has been tested to meet the accessibility requirements of over 90 combinations of browsers, operating systems, screen readers and devices. OmniBallot has been deployed as an accessible absentee tool since 2009, deployed in 21 states, 2,500 jurisdictions and has been tested and reviewed by members of most every leading disability organization in the nation.

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Learning Ally's College Success Program For transitioning high school & college students who are blind or low vision. The research based CSP is a one-of-a-kind, fully virtual program to help students successfully navigate their college learning journey & transition to the workplace.The CSP is available at no cost to students. Once signed up students receive access to online resources including articles, blogs, webinars, & College Knowledge podcast episodes, weekly Meetups, an exclusive community, access to Mentors who are recent college graduates, & more! Learn more & sign up at our new, user-friendly & completely accessible website at! Are you a student age 18+, a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or TVI? Enter our contest for an Amazon gift card! Visit to enter.

Newsela–Accessibility and Equity Newsela takes authentic, real world content from trusted sources and makes it instruction ready for K-12 classrooms. Each text is published at five reading levels and our student site is WCAG AA compliant so content is accessible to every learner. Learn more at

Spectrum | Charter Communications Committed to keeping you well-connected. Charter is proud to be a part of the National Federation of the Blind’s 2021 National Convention.

Mobile Voting Project from Tusk Philanthropies Our mission is to expand voting options to include secure, accessible mobile voting so any voter, regardless of ability, can vote from anywhere. Electronic remote ballot delivery and return options are needed so voters with disabilities can vote independently and privately from home. We stand with the National Federation of the Blind to expand voting options. Learn more at

VitalSource When we remove the barriers to using content, everyone benefits. WCAG 2.1AA.

Building relationships that make a lasting difference. By celebrating diversity, we can all benefit from unique perspectives, experiences, and approaches to create positive change in our community. Wells Fargo is proud to acknowledge the National Federation of the Blind 2021 National Convention.

White Cane

C&P, known as Chris Park Technology, develops products for people with vision loss. C&P is the real manufacturer of video magnifiers, canes, cameras, software for Optelec, Enhanced Vision, Freedom Scientific, HumanWare Europe, Ai Squared, NFB, & other organizations. We have been working with non-profit projects worldwide to help people. The world first invention of iphone compatible video magnifier. New true Transportable i-loviewMAX, iloview16 and more!

D2L – Where Learning is Inclusive D2L’s accessible learning platform empowers everyone to participate in and contribute to the teaching and learning experience intuitively. Find out more at

Duxbury Systems NOW Shipping DBT 12.5 SR2. The most flexible easy to use tools yet! For Windows & Mac accessible solution for braille. REAL Accessible BRAILLE SOLUTIONS NOW! | | 978-692-3000.

Access your future. The Workforce Innovation Center provides employment opportunities and training for those who are blind or low vision. Submit your resume through our talent network at Visit our virtual booth to enter our daily gift card drawing! 316-440-1573 |  William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center. To improve the quality of life and provide inspiration and opportunity for people who are blind or visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research.

Visit our booth! Accessible prescriptions anywhere & everywhere.

Meet IKE. The interactive digital kiosk designed with all citizens in mind. IKE Smart City pioneers innovative technology to improve lives in cities. Discovery | Mobility | Equity.

Independence Science – Empowering a new vision Independence Science promotes hands-on science learning for blind students in the science laboratory through text-to-speech enabled lab equipment. Our Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest and Sci-Voice Talking LoggerPro products have made it possible for the blind to perform quantitative scientific data collection independent of sighted assistance. Students learn by doing. Independence Science is happy to help you find all your science access solutions. For more information: | | (866) 862-9665.

Law School Admission Council Building a Just and Prosperous World Together Join the mission to diversify the legal profession. Here at LSAC, we’re devoted to ensuring accessibility for everyone who strives to impact the world through the study of law. We believe the future of our justice system should reflect all those it serves. To learn more about our initiatives to enhance access for all, visit

Leader Dogs for the Blind DID YOU KNOW Leader Dogs for the Blind also offers FREE O&M TRAINING? VISIT US— for more details.

McGraw Hill Unlocks the Potential for All Learners. McGraw Hill believes that the best learning materials should be accessible to students of all abilities. We are building an inclusive culture that considers the needs of every learner from the outset and we are making every effort to ensure that all new educational content and technology follows the WCAG AA guidelines and best practices. To learn more about the McGraw Hill commitment to Accessible Learning, visit:

National Industries for the Blind National Industries for the Blind is proud to partner with the National Federation of the Blind to advance the interests of people who are blind – anywhere and everywhere. Learn more at

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Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP – Trial and Appellate Advocates RBGG is proud to represent and support the National Federation of the Blind so that blind people may live the lives they want. Advancing justice and solving problems on behalf of individuals and businesses for 30 years.

The Chicago Lighthouse See event agenda for our employment workshop. Looking for a job? We can help! Leading experts in employment services and assistive technology for people who are blind, visually impaired, disabled or veterans.  Employment Services: Martha Younger-White 312-447-3251 | Assistive Technology: Patrick Andrade 312-997-3649 | NOW HIRING: