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Blind children playing tug-of-war

What is the NOPBC?

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) is a nationwide membership organization of families, friends, and educators of blind and visually impaired (VI) children reaching out to one another with vital support, encouragement, and information. As an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), the largest, most active organization of the blind in the country, NOPBC has the unique ability to connect our members with capable blind/VI adults who can become role models, mentors, and friends.

For thousands of parents of blind/VI children across the nation, parent power means membership in the NOPBC. Through our positive attitudes toward blindness, practical information and tips, and programs and activities, we empower parents to raise their children to reach their full potential and to advocate for their education with confidence. Our affiliation with the NFB enables us to draw upon the collective wisdom and expertise of over 50,000 blind people, to expand resources, to advocate for better services, and to create greater opportunities for blind/VI children everywhere. Your NOPBC membership matters.

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What is the Mission of the NOPBC?

The purpose of the NOPBC is to:

  • Create a climate of opportunity for blind/VI children in home, school, and society
  • Provide information and support to families and educators of blind/VI children
  • Facilitate the sharing of experience and concerns among parents and educators of blind/VI children
  • Develop and expand resources available to parents and educators
  • Help parents and educators gain understanding and perspective through partnership and contact with blind adults
  • Function as an integral part of the National Federation of the Blind in its ongoing effort to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against the blind and to achieve security, equality, and opportunity for the blind

Programs and Activities for Parents, Children, & Youth

  • National and State Conferences
  • Future Reflections Magazine
  • NOPBC Web site
  • Literature & Information Packets
  • Blindkid & Other Listservs
  • Braille Reading Pals Club
  • Early Childhood Conferences
  • Pop-up IEP
  • Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest
  • Slate Pals
  • American Action Fund (AAF) Free Braille Books Program
  • AAF Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children
  • ShareBraille
  • Writing Contests
  • NFB Youth Slam & Science Academies
  • Blindness 411 Facebook Group
  • Scholarship Program
  • Free White Cane Program
  • Straight Talk about Blindness Video Series
  • Parent Leadership Program (PLP)

Recommended Materials

The Bridge to Braille: Reading and School Success for the Young Blind Child, by Carol Castellano and Dawn Kosman [book, $12]
How to help blind children progress from early literacy experiences to full participation in the classroom.

Handbook for Itinerant and Resource Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students, by Doris M. Willoughby [book, free while supplies last]
This resource includes topics such as testing and evaluation; techniques for math, science, home economics, art, music, technical education, physical education, and daily living skills; and teaching Braille and cane travel.

Independent Movement and Travel in Blind Children: A Promotion Model, by Joe Cutter [book, $30]
An innovative guide to encouraging activity, movement, and independence in the young blind child.

Making It Work: Educating the Blind/Visually Impaired Student in the Regular Classroom, by Carol Castellano [book, $25]
How to integrate a blind student into all aspects of a regular elementary or secondary school program.

A blind man instructs a blind child on the stairs

Modular Instruction for Independent Travel, by Doris M. Willoughby and Sharon L. Monthei [book, $20]
A flexible, practical guide for teaching cane travel to students of all abilities from preschool through high school.

The Slate Book, by Jennifer Dunnam [book, $14]
Clear and concise, the book covers topics from loading the slate to increasing speed, and includes techniques for making flash cards, taking notes, and doing math problems.

Braille Is Beautiful [multimedia, various prices]
This innovative diversity awareness program builds a bridge of understanding through enjoyable activities revolving around Braille. Various components are available to fit different budgets and instructional needs.

Touch the Earth: A Multimedia Book about the Earth’s Biomes [multimedia, $20]
This NASA book features large print and Braille, colorful tactile maps of the biomes on each continent, and two DVDs, one with ASL and one with audio description.

Avoiding An IEP Disaster: Questions and Answers [DVD, $5]
Beginning with a role-play of an IEP meeting gone awry, this video addresses typical parent questions and concerns.

It’s Okay to Be Blind [DVD, $5]
Interviews with parents, blind children, and blind adults, along with scenes showing blind children in action.

White Canes for Blind Kids [DVD, $15]
Discussion of cane use and candid shots of blind toddlers, teens, and adults walking with canes, going up and down stairs, on escalators, etc.

To order any of the above materials, call 410-659-9314 x 2216 or go to the Independence Market.



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Name of blind/VI child:
Birth date:

Name of blind/VI child:
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Name of blind/VI child:
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A blind girl with several Braille books

Membership dues are $1 per family per year, which includes a subscription to Future Reflections and membership-at-large in the NFB.

*International subscription: Canada—$35. Other Countries—$75. If you live outside the US, we invite you to receive the magazine via e-mail free of charge.

Enclosed is a check or money order made payable to the NOPBC: __ $10 __ $25 __ $50 __ $100 __ Other: $

I wish to receive Future Reflections in: (check all that apply) __ Print __ E-mail __ 4-Track Cassette

Please send me FREE literature on the following topics:

__ Early Childhood
__ Braille Literacy (children)
__ Cane Travel/O&M (children)
__ Low Vision (children)
__ Multiply Disabled & Blind (children)
__ Blind Students in the Elementary Classroom
__ Blind Teens
__ Social Skills (children)
__ Parents of Blind Children Information
__ IEPs and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
__ Sample issue of Future Reflections

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)
200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 659-9314 (Ask for Parent Outreach)

The NOPBC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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