Welcome to the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children. Our objective is to provide parents with the tools to help their blind child learn well and live happily. While laws abound, often the best way to learn about raising a blind child is to talk with people who have done or are doing so.
The excerpts below come from real parents who meet each day with fervor and confidence so that their child may always have happiness and success. (For the full story, click on the title)


by Carol Castellano

It took my daughter Serena a long time to decide just what she wanted to be when she grew up, whereas, my son was only four when he decided that he would be a dinosaur scientist. It wasn't until she was seven that Serena realized that her destiny in life was to be a folksinger...

A Dad's Expectations

by Mark McClain

When we found out that Macy was blind, my first thought was, "Oh my God, what in the world will she ever do? What a pathetic life she will lead, and we will be saddled with her till the day we die." This wasn't what I envisioned in becoming a parent...

Listening to the Leaves

by Carole Conrad

Sara, the most exciting thing happened to me today! I want so much to tell you all about it and share my excitement with you, but at three years of age you wouldn't understand the significance of my discovery. So I'll share it with you in writing...

The Journey 

by Virginia Richardson

When Deborah, my eldest daughter, was diagnosed with epilepsy and mental retardation, I read books and attended meetings and conferences that described parents of children with disabilities as being in a state of chronic sorrow...