Holiday Inn Washington Capitol National Mall Description

550 C St., SW
Washington, DC 20024

Hotel Description

Below is a brief description of the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol – National Mall, the long-time host hotel for the Washington Seminar. 

The general layout of the hotel and meeting spaces is pretty simple. Think a backwards capital L, or a Braille numeric indicator. From the main entrance to the hotel on C Street, you will be entering at the end of the short line on the L, or at dot three on the Braille numeric indicator. 

Lobby Area

Now that you are in the building, directly in front of you is a small seating area. Immediately to the left of the main entrance is the bell stand and the front desk. To the right of the front desk is a small marketplace where you can purchase snacks, soft drinks, and various toiletries in case you may have forgotten to pack something. 

To the right of the main entrance, if you stay close to the wall on your right side and keep walking, you will find the entrance to the Starbucks. From the entrance to the Starbucks, if you turn left and walk about twenty feet, you will find an alcove on your right side. This is the main elevator bank. On the right side of the alcove is a single elevator that goes to the hotel’s parking garage and on the left side of the alcove are four elevators that go to the guest rooms. 

The Starbucks is also accessible from the exterior of the building through a door at the corner of C and Sixth Streets. 

Eateries in the Hotel

From the main entrance in the lobby area, if you bear to the right and keep moving past the elevator alcove, you will come to a short hallway on your right side. This hallway leads to the side entrance of the hotel on Sixth Street. At the intersection of this short side hallway and the main hallway is an ATM. This hallway is also where the entrance to one of the hotel’s two eateries is located, the 21st Amendment Bar & Grill. 

If you continue walking past this side hallway and the 21st Amendment Bar & Grill, you will get to the corner of the backwards L, or dot six on the Braille numeric indicator. Directly ahead of you is a single elevator that can be used to access the guest rooms, and to your right is a small area containing public restrooms. 

If you turn left at the corner, you will be in a long hallway that leads to the ballrooms, but immediately on your right after the corner is the entrance to the hotel’s second, and larger, eatery, the Capitol Bistro. Directly across the hall from the entrance to the Capitol Bistro is the start of another guest seating area.

Ballroom Area

If you continue past the Capitol Bistro and keep walking down the long hallway, you will reach a short flight of stairs going down. There is also a wheelchair ramp to the left of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, roughly in the middle of the long line of the backwards L, or dot five on the Braille numeric indicator, is the Congressional Foyer. So named because on the right side of this foyer is the entrance to the Congressional Ballroom. There is also an exit to the outside on the left side of this hallway/foyer.

As you keep walking past the Congressional Ballroom, you will come to another set of stairs that descends diagonally and to the right. The wheelchair ramp for this set of stairs will be on the right side this time. At the bottom of these stairs, keep to the left to go through a short hallway, past the FEMA security station on your right (you will NOT need to go through the FEMA security checkpoint to reach any of the ballrooms), and you will end up at the top of the backwards L, or dot four on the Braille numeric indicator, which is the Capitol Foyer. On the right side is the entrance to the Capitol Ballroom, where a number of important events, including the Great Gathering-In, will be held.