2015 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium

The ADA at 50: The Future of Disability Law and the Right to Live in the World


2015 Transcript Day 1
2015 Transcript Day 2


Plenary Session 1 - The Future of Disability

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2015 Keynote Address

Plenary Session 2 - How to Enable the Participation of People with Disabilities in Legal Proceedings

  • Presenter: Richard S. Brown, Chief Judge, Wisconsin Court of Appeals
  • Presenter: Richard B. Teitelman, Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

Plenary Session 3 - An Overview of the Unique Challenges Faced by Criminal Suspects and Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

  • Presenter: Leigh Ann Davis, Program Manager, National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability, The Arc
  • Presenter: Beverly Frantz, Criminal Justice and Sexuality Project Director, Institute on Disabilities, Temple University
  • Presenter: Kathryn J. Walker, Criminal Justice Fellow, National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability, The Arc

Plenary Session 4 - Improving and Augmenting the ADA, Rehabilitation Act, and IDEA—A Vision for the Next Twenty-Five Years

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