Carol Begay Green

Carol Begay Green has developed a Navajo Braille code and a plan to teach that code across the entire Navajo Nation.

"Ms. Begay Green's Navajo Braille code and efforts to teach and incorporate it into the culture on the reservation and communities where Navajo blind people live outside will help New Mexico meet its goal of providing economic opportunity for its own people," said one supporter. "I sincerely thank the Jacob Bolotin Award committee for their consideration of Ms. Begay Green's application so that she may continue her work beyond development of the Navajo Braille code to provide for understanding of and employment and leadership opportunities for Navajos who are blind."

Ms. Green's plan for teaching the code involves a comprehensive summer program for children and families.

"I would like to organize a summer program in which I can teach the Navajo Braille Code across the Navajo Nation," said Carol Begay Green. "The details of the program would be based on the needs of the individuals participating and their families. But it would be similar to either the BELL Academy run by the NFB or the Lighthouse for the Blind programs in other parts of the country. The ongoing support and development of Braille and cultural experiences for this unique population should be supported."

Audio interview with Carol Begay Green (play MP3; 14 minutes; English).

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