Michael Nye

Michael Nye is an artist whose multimedia and audio exhibition and book, My Heart Is Not Blind, aims to break down misperceptions and stereotypes about blindness.

According to the artist, "There are forty-six large black and white portraits, and under each portrait is an audio box with headphones. Each person in the exhibition speaks in his or her own voice. Over the three-month period, between twenty to twenty-five thousand people visited and experienced the exhibition at the museum."

One supporter stated, "[Michael] knows and shares more about blindness than any other blind individual I have ever met - probably because he has devoted such a significant portion of his life to it. To experience Mr. Nye's exhibit is to take your mind on a journey to the soul of blindness. There is nothing like it in the world - and nothing like Michael Nye either."

Michael practiced law for ten years before pursuing photography. He is also the recipient of a Mid-America National Endowment for the Arts grant in photography and a Kronkosky Foundation grant. He has participated in two Arts America tours in the Middle East and Asia, and has exhibited and lectured in many places.

Michael Nye was presented with a Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award July 12, 2019. Read more about the 2019 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award recipients