Celebrate Outstanding Blind Students

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Celebrate Outstanding Blind Students

Baltimore, Maryland (May 11, 2022): The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), the nation’s leading advocate for equal education of the blind, today announced the finalists for its annual scholarship program, which provides financial assistance and connects students with mentoring and other resources. The thirty scholarship finalists are listed below in alphabetical order with their home states and vocational goals. Some students requested to include their home country as well as the U.S. state where they reside. Congratulations to these outstanding finalists:

  • Shawn Abraham, MD, U.S. Diplomat
  • Nancy Aguilera, MO, Researcher and Professor
  • Tasnim Alshuli, AZ, Professor and Consultant
  • Katelyn Beresic, WV, Social Worker
  • Jovan Campbell, NY, Community Educator
  • Justin Champagne, LA, Mathematics Professor
  • Jennifer Doran, OR, Climate Change Activist
  • Abigail Duffy, NH, Criminal Psychologist  
  • Teresa Fabre, IL (originally from Mexico), Rehabilitation Therapist 
  • Ethan Fung, CA, Operations and Environmental Management 
  • Izzi Guzman, FL, Music Educator and Composer  
  • Michael Hardin, IN, Social Worker
  • Renae Hemmings , NJ, Psychologist
  • Natasha Ishaq, NJ, Paleoanthropologist
  • Hunter Kuester, WI, Brewery and Kitchen Owner
  • Maura Kutnyak, NY, Civil Rights Attorney
  • Robert Lamm, CO, Environmental Engineer
  • Katie Lester, AK, Social Worker
  • Casey Martin, ND, Speech Language Pathologist 
  • Daniel Martinez, TX, Educator of Blind Students
  • Sarah Menefee, TX, Registered Dietitian
  • Selene Monjaraz, TN, Mental Health Therapist or Translator
  • Julia Murray, PA, Occupational Therapist
  • Finn Paynich, WA, Musical Theater
  • Emily Schlenker, KS, Pharmacist
  • Carla Scroggins, CA, Global Security Analyst
  • Bhavya Shah, CA (originally from India), Data Scientist
  • Katelyn Siple, MD, Communications
  • Stephanie Valdes, MA, Interpreter and Translator 
  • Colin Wong, WA, Vocational Rehabilitation Researcher 

“The scholarship program is one of our most important initiatives,” said Mark A. Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. “We are proud to honor these blind scholars, each of whom are raising expectations and expanding possibilities. The accomplishments of these outstanding students are proof that we, the blind of this nation, can live the lives we want; blindness does not hold us back.”

For more information about the National Federation of the Blind scholarship program, visit https://nfb.org/scholarships.

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Director of Public Relations
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