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Kenneth Jernigan stands next to a high-speed tape duplicator.

Below you will find links to the National Federation of the Blind's audio and video collection. Please check back frequently for new additions, as we are in the process of building this page.

HELPFUL HINTS: We have divided the materials into two main categories (Audio and Video) and then into topic subcategories within these two main categories. Within each subcategory, materials have been listed chronologically with the most recent pieces listed first.

In addition, we have a Most Recent Additions category which features those audio and video pieces added to this page most recently (even if they were recorded some time in the past).

Most Recent Additions (Audio and Video)

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Braille Monitor

Beginning with the February 2007 issue, the same Braille Monitor recordings available on cassette are now available as MP3 files online. The MP3 links are listed next to each article within the online Braille Monitor issue.

National Convention Banquet Speeches

Many of our national convention keynote addresses presented by our esteemed current President, Marc Maurer, and our honored past presidents, Kenneth Jernigan and Jacobus tenBroek, are available now!

Most Recently Made Available:

National Convention Highlights

We have created a special page for all of the audio and video highlights from our recent national conventions. Relive all of the excitement now!

Presidential Releases

In December 2005, Dr. Maurer's presidential release was first offered on our NFB Web site. You can listen to the most recent monthly report available or catch up on past news you might have missed!

Most Recently Made Available:

Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar Radio Spots

Straight Talk About Vision Loss

Other Audio

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Please visit our YouTube channel, NationsBlind. Our channel is devoted to videos created by or featuring the National Federation of the Blind and its 50,000 members. If you would like to learn how you can submit your video please visit our media page


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For more information about blindness, please contact the Jacobus tenBroek Library of the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute at 410-659-9314 or send an e-mail to

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