A Home Run for Beep Baseball

LaKeisha holds a bat and is standing in a baseball field.

A Home Run for Beep Baseball

Who knew that blind people could enjoy America’s favorite pastime!

But how, you ask? It’s called beep baseball, and this is how it works.

Beep baseball is played on a soccer field with a beeping ball and a beeping base. Each team has a pitcher, a catcher, two field spotters, and other players. There are two components to the game. The pitcher and catcher are on the same team as the batter. If the batter hits the ball, the batter has to run 100 yards to the base. If the batter gets to the base and tags it, they score a run. While the batter bats, there are six defenders in the field, each in a certain zone. The two field spotters are placed in designated areas so that they can call a zone in which the ball is traveling. The defender is responsible for capturing the ball before the batter tags the base. If the defender gets the ball before the base is hit, the batter is out.

Most importantly, beep baseball is also a family network, and our family reunion is every year at the Beep Baseball World Series.

The Beep Baseball World Series brings teams from all over the world together to compete for the number one spot. The 2018 Beep Baseball World Series took place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin from July 29 to August 5. There were twenty-two teams in attendance including teams from Canada and Taiwan. More than thirty games were played Tuesday through Friday with the championship game on Saturday. All teams had the same goal in mind: play hard enough to get you to Saturday.

This year, my team, the San Antonio Jets, made it to third place. We fought hard to the very end. I am very proud to be a Jet!

Looking back, I was first introduced to beep baseball when I was eleven-years-old in Atlanta, Georgia. I played on a team with several other blind boys and girls who just wanted a chance to participate in sports like our sighted peers. Although we didn’t win many games, we always had great spirits.

Getting introduced to beep baseball was a blessing for me. It allowed me to grow into my athletic skills, but it also allowed me an opportunity to meet new friends and build relationships that will last forever.

—LaKeisha Holmes