The DAISY Consortium Announces the Latest Release of the Save as DAISY for Office 2010 add-in

Zurich, Switzerland and Missoula, MT, USA - December 15, 2011 - Building on DAISY Consortium’s collaboration with Microsoft, Save as DAISY for Office 2010 helps Microsoft Word users convert Word Open XML files to the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) format.  This version supports Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. 

RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for Freedom Scientific Products

From the JAWS help menu, you can either down arrow to move to, or press the letter R to open the Web Resources menu.  Once this menu is open, you can again either down arrow to, or press the letter R to activate the shortcut to the RealSpeak™ Solo Direct voices.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility from Code Factory takes the accessibility of Android phones to a new level by making things simple and accessible. Android is the most rapidly growing Smartphone platform and with Code Factory’s commitment to making mobile phones accessible for the blind, it was necessary to develop a solution for the platform.

Window-Eyes Tech Tip: How Many Apps Can App Get Get?

In today's mobile world, many of us have been app-driven, or perhaps a better term might be app-crazed.  Regardless of which mobile platform you choose, there are a multitude of these little programs that just make our life easier.  From weather apps to stock apps to apps that tell you when the next train or plane will arrive, there's pretty much an app for anything you ca

SuperNova 12 Tips

Tip: Magnified applications look stunning with Dolphin's all new True Font Technology which even supports vertical, diagonal and spiral text. Press LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD8 (in the default desktop hot key set) to cycle through the 3 font smoothing options: True Fonts, Standard and None.

Managing NFB Newsline Periodicals on Book Port Plus

NFB Newsline Online and Book Port Plus make a great combination for those who want to take a few newspapers on their daily routine.

Step by step guide to creating an EasyReader Express book

It is easier than you think to add EasyReader Express to your talking book content. Follow these 3 simple steps:

The Olympus DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder – Function Key Setting

When holding your DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder, with the scroll pad and LCD screen facing towards you, there are three small rectangular buttons in the top and first row of buttons that you will feel on the face. These buttons are your Function Keys.

Using the BrailleNote Apex with the iPhone or other smartphone

Using Apex with iPhone iOS 4The Apex can be paired with the iPhone running iOS 4 as a Bluetooth Braille display and provides Grade 2 Braille input and output.The pairing has to be initialized from the phone, just as you would to pair with any other keyboard or Bluetooth device.To make the connection do the following:

Setting up the BrailleNote Apex with your computer and screen access software

Setting-up your computer and screen reader:1. Using USB client port requires the installation of a driver on your computer. You can download the appropriate driver and installation procedures from our Web site at: