Braille Monitor - December 2021

Contents Vol. 64, No. 11 December 2021 The 2022 National Convention: It’s Time to Start Our Planning by John Berggren Why Should We Do DEI? by Ronza Othman What it Means to be a Federationist by Jennifer Bazer When Print-Only Documents Preclude Privacy by Valerie Yingling Twenty Truths Never to Forget by Dr. LaShawna Fant Transforming and Accelerating Accessibility: The Need for the Organized Blind Movement to Innovate through Inclusive Design by Sina Bahram Blind Equality Achievement Month: Yet Another Thing that Makes October Special From Seed to Harvest by Jerry Moreno Words Matter by Maurice Peret Reflections on Race, Religion, Disability, Sex, and Broader Issues by Kenneth Jernigan NFB 2022 Scholarship Program by Cayte Mendez The 2022 Blind Educator of the Year Award by Robin House The 2022 Distinguished Educator of Blind Students Award by Carla McQuillan 2021 Social Security Updates by Jesa Medders How about One New Year's Resolution for Your Federation Family by Gary Wunder More on Equality vs. Equity by Daniel Garcia Christmas Recollections by Mary Ellen Gabias Independence Market Corner by Terri Boone Keystone Chapter’s Second Annual Virtual Talent Show Is an Even Bigger Success This Year! by Lisa Bryant Monitor Miniatures Photo and Web List Issue: [DECEMBER 2021] Photos: Mark Riccobono Linda Melendez Anil Lewis Gary Wunder Jerry Moreno Valerie Yingling Maurice Peret Kenneth Jernigan Jesa Medders Jennifer Bazer (forwarded email with photo) Mary Ellen Gabias Daniel Garcia LaShawna Fant Robin House Carla McQuillan Ronza Othman Lisa Bryant Cayte Mendez Sina Bahram (speaker from convention) John Berggren Web Links: "A Definition of Blindness" Language, Action, and Destiny: The Lived Experience of the Organized Blind Movement.” full settlement agreement • May 27, 2021, Meyer v. Sullivan Settlement Agreement • August 6, 2019, Blind Hoosiers File Lawsuit Against the Indiana Division of Family Resources • August 6, 2019, Meyer v. Sullivan Complaint Blindness, Equality and Achievement Month White Cane Awareness Day Jasmine Eiland podcast

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