Braille Monitor - November 2021

Vol. 64, No. 10, November 2021 Contents Illustration: Raising the Bar, Expanding the Possibilities NY Reaches Agreement with DOJ Over Vaccine Access for Blind People by Lauren Weber and Hannah Recht We are Federationists Too Stronger Together: How the Organized Blind Movement Benefits from the Global Advancement of the United Nations CRPD by Gerard Quinn 2022 Washington Seminar Sleep in Blind Children, a Mystery by Carla Keirns Want to Get the Most out of Social Security: Being Blind Can Help, but There's More to the Story by Marc Maurer, Susan Gashel, and James Gashel You’ve Got Mail, but it May be Late by Kyle Walls Celebrate the Holiday Heroes Who Are Leading the National Federation of the Blind by Patti Chang What One Determined, Motivated, and Caring Woman can Achieve: The Life of Doris Willoughby by Ramona Walhof Independence Market Corner by Terry Boone Accessibility Tour through the National Peace and Justice Museum Memorial by Lisa Bryant Monitor Miniatures
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Vol. 64 No. 10
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