Math Transcribing

Mathematics Transcribing

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Mathematics Braille (Nemeth Code) Transcribing
You must pass the literary braille transcribing test before you apply for this class. Please fill in the date in the boxes below indicating when you received your Library of Congress certificate in literary braille transcribing.

Please fill in your name in the following field. If your address was different when you received your certification in literary braille transcribing from the Library of Congress, please fill in the address field.
Please describe your study of Braille Formats (the code for transcribing textbooks) and other relevant study and experience in transcribing technical materials:
Computer Use

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Local Assistance

Some students work independently but receive assistance from a local braille group as needed. Some students receive formal instruction from a local instructor. Copies of the report on your trial manuscript will be mailed to both the group chairperson and instructor, as applicable.

If you plan to work with a local group, please complete the following:
If you plan to receive formal help from a local instructor, please complete the following:
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