Jim Omvig speaks at the 2006 Possibilities Fair for Seniors.

Possibilities Fairs for Seniors

The National Federation of the Blind senior fair program began in 2002.  Now entitled the Possibilities Fair for Seniors, these annual, day-long events provide seniors the opportunity to explore the products and services offered to them as they begin to experience vision loss during the later years of their lives.  


Literature Resources

Other Resources

  • National Federation of the Blind Seniors Division
    This division within the NFB provides support and information to seniors losing their vision.  A few of the Issues considered are remaining active in community and social life, learning the techniques used by the blind, and maintaining a positive approach to vision loss.
  • NFB Senior Division Mailing List
    Discuss issues about vision loss and seniors online.
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  • NFB Independence Market - Products and Literature
    Order aids and appliances to assist with everything from household chores to extraordinary adventures; we carry various talking watches, canes, large print and Braille playing cards, talking thermometers, tactile and large print timers, easy-threading needles, and much, much more!  Senior woman learns how to vote at an accessible voting machine.
  • State and Local Organizations
    Discover the resources available right in your backyard! 


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